Our Leadership Team

Trust and respect for our employees and customers is at the heart of our core values. We believe in hard work in a relaxed environment. Integrity, professionalism and service are expected standards in how we conduct business.

DUANE LANKARD – Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Duane gained over 14 years of banking and financial experience in agricultural, correspondent, commercial, and retail lending at a local community bank.   His experience as SVP in charge of Agricultural and Correspondent Banking & the Retail Services divisions allowed him to see the frustrations that existed in the day-to-day tasks lenders and operations personnel were charged with and he knew there had to be a better way.  Duane’s vision of creating a single point of entry system that reduced data entry while still adhering to credit risk management principals was realized when he launched Suntell in 1996.  Duane plays a key role in guiding our products’ direction and innovation, providing valuable feedback gained through his private consulting company and participation in various bank boards.

VERONICA “RONNIE” WOOTEN – President/Chief Operating Officer

Having joined Suntell just two years after its launch, Ronnie played an integral role in building the original foundation and culture upon which we operate today. An efficiency and process expert, Ronnie conceived the organization’s departmental and reporting structure in a way that allows input and feedback from our customers to be heard and help drive our products’ development and advancement in the marketplace.  A champion for work/life balance, Ronnie has cultivated a creative approach to achieving results while delighting our customers which has facilitated a strong, tenured employee base with low turnover rates.  This, in turn, allows our company to maintain low overhead costs while maximizing our customers’ satisfaction rates.

KERRY RONQUILLO – Senior Director of Business Development

A seasoned business development professional, Kerry joined Suntell in 2003.  His prior experience as a commercial loan officer in a community bank facilitates Kerry’s ability to empathize with and suggest solutions to the struggles community banks face in their day-to-day tasks related to maintaining high levels of credit risk management. Overseeing business development charges Kerry with the task of harvesting the right customers who fit with our culture and have a strong desire to work as partners with us in long and mutually beneficial relationships.  His keen listening skills and tenure with our company and products afford him the opportunity to  uncover the real pain points and offer real solutions.

ANNA YANG – Director of Services/Product Manager

Anna joined our company in 2006 after being a power-user at one of our customer sites.  Having personally recognized and realized the efficiencies gained from using our products as a customer, Anna decided to join our team and help other community banks to have the same experience.  Anna served as a Sr. Implementation/Training Specialist with us for many years, which afforded her the opportunity to move into her current role.  Anna is a data and process expert and her keen analytical mind allows her to solve even the most complex puzzles with regard to procedures and usage of our products. Anna’s attention to detail and demand for excellence is exuded throughout her entire team of service professionals, fostering the company’s culture and desire to delight our customers.