We always emphasize to our customers how important it is to balance the Suntell Loan Management System (LMS) to the Core Accounting System on a regular basis.  This ensures that the balances in Suntell are accurate and being updated with the nightly download.  Our recommendation is that balancing be done daily, or at a minimum weekly.  If balancing is done regularly, it will likely take only a few minutes per day.

To assist with balancing, Suntell provides the following reports:  Alpha Trial Balance, Participations Bought, Participations Sold, Non Accruals, and Charge Off Accounts.  The main report to use is the Alpha Trial Balance, which is a listing of all loans, alphabetically listed by Customer.  It includes the current balance outstanding for each loan, less any participations sold, plus any current balances on partial charge offs.

The tricky part of balancing is often finding the corresponding report in the core system to compare the totals.  Sometimes, a single report from the core will reflect a balance to compare to Suntell.  Sometimes multiple reports must be obtained to arrive at the same result.

For our Fall 2012 release, we have made some improvements to the Alpha Trial Balance.  It has been redesigned so that it contains only the information necessary for balancing, thus making the report much shorter.

Alpha Trial Balance


We have also included an Alpha Trial Balance – By Branch, which includes the outstanding balance by each branch location.  This can be useful in determining where discrepancies might lie.

Balancing was the topic of our Lunch & Learn session from last week.  To watch the session, please go to our Lunch & Learn page.  Questions about balancing should be directed to support@suntell.com.