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The Critical Role of Risk Management in Commercial Lending

2024 has witnessed a wave of defaults on commercial real estate loans. This has left many banks on shaky ground, and a few — like Philadelphia-based Republic First Bank — have now either failed or find themselves on the verge of failure. Banks and credit unions can neither manage nor mitigate these risks if they don’t have the proper tools. The answer is to use a comprehensive software solution that can streamline the commercial lending process, and other key banking processes, for maximum efficiency and accuracy. Because risk management has a direct impact on the stability and profitability of banking

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Reassessing Risk

The recent failure of Republic First Bank shows how the problems facing the banking industry in 2024 can lead to fatal results.

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Navigating Uncertainty: The Critical Role of Risk Management in Commercial and Ag Lending

In the wake of recent bank closures, the financial industry faces a stark reminder of the inherent risks within commercial and agricultural lending. These events serve as a crucial wake-up call for commercial lenders, bank executives, and credit union executives, stressing the importance of robust risk management practices. The financial landscape is perpetually evolving, influenced by economic shifts, regulatory changes, and unforeseen crises. In this environment, lending institutions are exposed to various forms of risk, from default risks to market volatility. Effective risk management is not just a regulatory requirement but a strategic imperative that can significantly impact an institution’s

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Sutton Bank Selects Square 1 Credit Suite

We are is pleased to announce that Sutton Bank in Ohio has selected Square 1 Credit Suite by Suntell to ensure accuracy, efficiency, safety and soundness, and risk management for the benefit of the bank’s customers.

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