Bristol Morgan Bank Selects Suntell to Enhance Financial Solutions

Bristol Morgan Bank has partnered with Suntell, launching the Square 1 Credit Suite.

Bristol Morgan Bank has partnered with Suntell, launching the Square 1 Credit Suite. This partnership underscores an unwavering commitment to elevating accuracy, efficiency, safety, soundness, data integrity, retrieval, and risk management for the bank’s esteemed business clientele.

“Suntell’s Square 1 Credit Suite empowers community financial institutions like Bristol Morgan Bank to achieve better asset quality, regulatory examination results, and workflow efficiency,” said Ronnie Wooten, CEO of Suntell. “Our focus on fostering strong relationships, not just transactions, ensures that our clients can concentrate on assisting their customers in achieving their financial and business objectives. By providing comprehensive solutions that enhance efficiency and security, we enable our clients to excel in their service to the community.”

The Square 1 Credit Suite, powered by Suntell, encompasses a comprehensive range of tools, including business loan credit analysis, CECL extract, approval management, loan workouts, credit risk rating, document imaging, integrations, and portfolio reporting.

Suntell, a trailblazer in the industry since its founding in 1996, revolutionized loan management systems (LMS) to maximize productivity. They further expanded their offerings to include Suntell Document Imaging (SDI) for managing borrower, loan, and deposit documents, AgExam for agricultural analysis, Stress Tests for comprehensive risk assessment, and Loan Queue and Dashboards for streamlined workflow management. Together, these components form the powerful Square 1 Credit Suite.

Bristol Morgan Bank isn’t just a bank; it’s a devoted community partner. With offices in Oakfield, Van Dyne, and Fond du Lac, the bank is dedicated to empowering local businesses and individuals to thrive. Their personalized solutions cater to unique financial needs, be it funding for restaurants, maintaining payroll for small manufacturers, or supporting office upgrades. As a community bank, they actively participate in development programs, ensuring accessibility to all community members, including those with low and moderate incomes. The passionate team at Bristol Morgan Bank strives to provide exceptional service, supporting customers’ financial goals and dreams.



For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Ronnie Wooten, CEO
Phone: 888.848.7349, ext. 219

About Suntell:

Suntell, founded in 1996, is a leading innovator in providing powerful loan management systems and comprehensive financial tools to community financial institutions. Their Square 1 Credit Suite® is designed to optimize accuracy and efficiency, enabling institutions to focus on better serving their customers and achieving their business goals. For more information, visit

About Bristol Morgan Bank:

Established in the late 1800s as the Bank of Oakfield, Bristol Morgan Bank has a storied history of serving the Oakfield community. Over the years, it expanded its presence with branches in Van Dyne (1995), Brandon (1999), and Fond du Lac (2018). The bank’s transformation into Bristol Morgan Bank in 2018 reflected its strong roots and values. Celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2021, the bank’s Oakfield location remains a testament to its enduring commitment to the community.


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