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Earlier this year I discussed ‘Completing the Vision’ for Suntell and the industry problem we were trying to solve when we founded the company.  The solution we developed to address this industry problem, the Square 1 Credit Suite, streamlines the commercial and agricultural lending analysis and document workflow in just under 200 community financial institutions today. In August, we will have reached the 19 year anniversary milestone since the company was founded. While we made many missteps along the way, I can say that I am very proud of the organization that we have become in those 19 years.  We continue to strive to be a leader in the industry based on a foundation of strong product at an affordable price combined with great service. We also would not have made it to 19 years without passionate, loyal customers. I want to extend my thanks for each and every customer of Suntell.

We continually seek feedback from our customers, from which we process and analyze to determine how we can improve upon our solution and meet the needs of everyone. A recent exercise related to an Internet search campaign in which we participated, led to several great product reviews from a few of our customers. I want to formally recognize and thank those that took the time to respond. Our success and future growth is heavily dependent upon our customers and what they are saying to others in the industry. In the days of social media, Yelp, other platforms to easily allow customers to praise or complain, it is more important than ever to deliver both great product and great service consistently 100% of the time.

Thank you for your business.  It is truly a pleasure to be your vendor.

Duane Lankard
CEO, Suntell

Here are excerpts from some of those company and product reviews.

‘Square 1 Credit Suite provides robust functionality for managing our commercial loan portfolio.

Credit Analysis and Loan Presentation have helped us improve consistency and uniformity in our loan presentations. The tickler system in Documentation Tracking has helped us to reduce documentation exceptions, and Document Imaging has allowed us to move away from paper files. We are beginning to use Suntell’s reporting function for more and more of our portfolio reporting. Suntell does a great job of working with constructive feedback to try to continually improve their product.

Debbie James, Sr. Credit Analyst
Teachers Credit Union

Great All-In-One solution for origination and loan maintenance.’

Excellent staff & support, never waited for more than a few hours to have even simple questions answered. Interfaces & integrates perfectly with our core system and with our loan doc software-seamless flow between the three.  Continuous updates that provide well placed enhancements, and programmers are open to discuss and possibly implement requests.

Nate Kehl, Business Lending Specialist
Advia Credit Union

We have been on this software for 8 years and it suits our financial institution well

The absolute best “pro” of Suntell is the customer service staff. I’ve worked with many customer service staff and these guys are the best. Doc imaging would be my favorite part of Suntell. We are completely imaged and have rave reviews from our external auditors, loan review and OCC examiners on the ease of use of the imaging system……..WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO A PAPER FILE

Delaina Henderson, VP Loan Services
Legend Bank

Suntell is an important piece of our success.

‘Suntell adds efficiencies and standardization to our processes. The customer service that Suntell provides stands out above the rest.

We use Credit Analysis, Loan Presentation, Doc Tracking, Doc Imaging, Reports as well as several other features of the system. Suntell is easy to use and easy to configure.

We have had very positive feedback from our auditors and examiners. In fact, our examiners have recommended Suntell to other financial institutions.

Trisha Loker, VP Commercial & Ag Lending
Beacon Credit Union

Our experience has been very good. The software has allowed us to streamline our process.

The scanning and documentation sections are very good. Both are user friendly and save time compared to a paper file or our core tickler system.

Keith Jantzen, VP
First State Bank Nebraska

Comprehensive loan management system and much more!

Our organization was looking for a comprehensive loan management system when we switched to Suntell, and what we got was that and so much more! It has integration with our core, integration with our loan document preparation software, credit analysis, loan presentations, loan exceptions tracking, reporting, document imaging, and much more. Training is robust and customer support is easy to reach, quick to respond and has been with us all the way!

Donita Clawson, Operations Officer
First State Bank & Trust Co.

Easy to use, interfaces well with other products, great customer service.’

We have been Suntell customers for many years. We use most all of its features and find them to be efficient and user friendly. The company listens when suggestions are made. I would refer them to anyone who asked.

Cheryl Strand, EVP Operations
Northwestern Bank, NA

Our organization has been using Square 1 Credit Suite for the past five and a half years.’

We primarily utilize the Loan Management System for Credit Analysis, Loan Presentation, and Documentation Tracking. We also use Suntell Document Imaging. The initial and ongoing training is excellent, as is the ongoing customer support.

Joni Lundin, Commercial Lending Officer
Fort Community Credit Union

We have been on this software for more than 10 years now.’

We use multiple areas of system. We use Square l Credit Suite for doc imaging, doc tracking, credit analysis, loan presentation, collections and workout plans.  Customer service and the ticket portal are always helpful when we have questions.

Sheila Roberts, Credit Analyst
United Community Bank

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