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2021 is now history. We had a prosperous 2021 in which we celebrated our 25th anniversary while we welcomed 20 new community banks and credit unions to our suite of commercial credit software solutions. The year started slow as round two of PPP got underway in January, consuming precious staff resources and forcing once again new technology solution implementation to the back burner. Having been through the process of PPP in 2020, community banks and credit unions were able to more efficiently process these 2nd draw PPP requests in a timelier manner with less distraction to the overall organizational strategic technology objectives. 

Business began resuming back to normal by the end of Q1 2021. We saw a pent-up demand surface for our Square 1 Credit Suite emerge in Q2 and lasting through the end of the year. Covid’s emergence in early 2020 and the ongoing ebb and flow of this pandemic that is once again surging into early 2022, has had a lasting impact on how and where we work and more importantly how work gets done. No longer are commercial loan origination and servicing platform solutions viewed as a luxury by community financial institutions, large and small. Now it’s a requirement to work more efficiently and streamlined with a hybrid on site and remote workforce in both banking and non-banking alike.  

As we look to the future and 2022, we have rolled out an updated corporate marketing look and message. The genesis of this message focuses on addressing a long-time favorite question I always like to ask bankers and my fellow staff as a means of uncovering the true concerns people have in their corporate or personal lives…the question being, “What keeps you up at night?”. As I think you would agree, most worries tend to fester up at night when we are trying to get much needed rest. While this is not an original question by any means and I am most certain you have heard it asked before, it has become one of my favorite questions over the years to ask because it helps the respondent prioritize and articulate their biggest concerns. 

When I ask a community bank or credit union CEO, chief credit officer or a Sr. loan operations specialist, the answers can of course vary greatly. Generally, the answer will typically include managing and avoiding credit default and charge off losses that can be devastating to an organization’s bottom line. Originating and underwriting credit risk, credit servicing, reporting and analytics, credit policies and administration are all important elements to managing and minimizing credit defaults and losses. Having commercial credit tools and systems to manage all of this by a trusted vendor that has stability and experience can lead to “Helping Bankers Sleep Soundly” by minimizing or eliminating those very items that can keep you up at night. 

At Suntell, we were founded and continue to be run by former commercial credit bankers. We remain independently owned and operated. We provide Square 1 Credit Suite in an affordable licensing program that supports unlimited users and data backed by deep commercial credit tools, reporting functionality, and a superior implementation and support team to ensure your project implementation is a success. 25 years of doing this has helped us eliminate those things that don’t work with a laser focus on those things that do matter. 

We wish you a successful 2022!

Thank you for your business. 

Duane Lankard
Suntell CEO and Founder

Makers of the Square 1 Credit Suite

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