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In the last quarterly company newsletter, I announced the news that we completed a merger earlier in the year with Arcadea Group. This merger permitted us the ability to continue as Suntell and bring in fresh capital and ideas to take the company to new levels. In addition, it provided me the opportunity to initiate my transition into retirement at some point in the near future. 

As the next step in the plan, I am pleased to announce that as of October 1st, Ronnie Wooten became the new CEO of Suntell. As you already know, Ronnie has served as our President and COO and joined the company a year after its formation in 1996. I have had the opportunity to watch Ronnie grow in various roles over the last 25 years and with her working at my side, we were able to lead Suntell into the company that we are today. She has earned this role and is most deserving of this new opportunity to lead the company!  If you have an opportunity, please send a note of congratulations to Ronnie at rwooten (at)

To support our growth and Ronnie in her new role, we have also expanded our leadership team.  

Hugh Khan has joined our team as Director of Product Development.  Hugh has been a founding member or a key contributor for technology startups his entire career.  He was a co-founder of Perceptive Software which was acquired by Lexmark Intl.  While the earlier part of his career consisted of global deployments of ECM, Business Process Automation, and e-commerce technology, he has been heavily involved in insuretech, banktech, fintech and blockchain technology for the last 8 years

Daria Livingstone has joined our team as Director of Finance.  Daria is responsible for supporting the financial operations of Arcadea Group’s Portfolio Companies in the U.S., including strategic financial planning, governance, and post-acquisition financial integration.  Prior to joining Arcadea Group, Daria worked at BMO Financial Group in Leveraged Finance and at CIBC Capital Markets in Corporate Banking.

As part of my transition plan, I will continue indefinitely with Suntell with the title of Senior Strategic Advisor and Founder. My primary responsibilities will be to continue to lead and grow our sales and marketing team. In addition, I will serve other corporate advisory roles with the new owners. This has been a desire of mine for some time as I reached this age to gradually transition the ownership and management of the company. While I have had quite a ride for the last 26 years since founding the company, my journey is not over, merely at a new milestone in the journey. 

We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and appreciate your business!

Duane Lankard

Senior Strategic Advisor & Founder

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