Save valuable time in reducing the need for manual data entry by importing a PDF tax return for automated spreading.

  • Entire tax forms and supporting schedules import in seconds
  • Support for IRS Forms 1120, 1120X, 1065, 1040 
  • Support for IRS supplemental schedules C, E, F, L, M1, M2 and Form 8825
  • Spread reconciliation assures accuracy of the data being imported


Ensure credit-granting is in line with your institution’s credit risk strategy with an in-depth credit analysis of your borrowers.



Quantify the credit risk on and off the balance sheet with ratios, custom measures and scoring.



Keep a pulse on credit risk over time by viewing changes in risk ratings.



Integrate your analyses seamlessly with loan committee presentations and the approval process.

It is quite a testament to our belief in Suntell as an organization that we continue to look for additional products and services that will integrate and complement the decision that we’ve already made.  We just keep finding more ways that we can use the system and are always trying to get the most that we can out of the Suntell products. Todd S

SVP, Home Savings Bank

Import Tax Returns for Faster Spread Analysis

by | Jul 10, 2020

It’s that time of year… with the extension on the tax return filing deadline for the 2019 tax year, borrowers will be providing their tax returns in the coming weeks.

Of course, the critical part of analyzing these tax returns will be the output: how did the borrower’s business perform compared to last year? Should stress testing be done on the financial data provided? The input is the mundane part: keying in the data from the tax returns and supporting schedules.

Fortunately, Suntell’s Smart Electronic Tax Return Reader (SET Reader) can speed this process up for you. You can import a PDF Tax Return and have the data automatically create a spread for you. This can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the analysis by removing the need for manual data entry.

The SET Reader not only reads data from the main tax form, but also the supporting schedules. Rental properties on a Schedule E, businesses on a Schedule C, or farm income on a Schedule F – all of this is imported into the spread within seconds.

Tax Returns are just one component of the overall spread analysis, and we have made that part easy. It allows you to focus on analyzing the risk or preparing the loan approval within the Square 1 Credit Suite.