Employee Spotlight: Amber Droge

We are excited to announce that we will be introducing our amazing employees each month as an Employee Spotlight! This month, we are featuring Amber Droge. Amber has been with Suntell for 14 years, as she began in March of 2002.

Amber has an Associate’s degree in Speech Communication from Highland Community College and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Friends University. Prior to working at Suntell, she worked at a bank where her duties included: teller, loan processor, Suntell administrator, and many other tasks that came her way.

Throughout her 14 years at Suntell, she has had many roles including training, customer support, implementations, conversions, interfaces. Currently Amber is an Analyst for the Quality Assurance/Development department. She loves that our products help so many people work more efficiently and that her co-workers are like family to her. She loves watching the product grow as it is ever-evolving and enhancing to meet the needs of our customers.

Amber calls Topeka home and just finished construction on a home she shares with her husband Jason of 15 years and her two children Aiden (13) and Jessa (8). They have a very busy family life keeping up with Aiden’s tennis and Jessa’s horseback riding. Amber and her husband also build new and flip existing homes. Since 2001, they have flipped 5 and built 4 new homes. Spending time with her family is Amber’s favorite activity.

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