Employee Spotlight: Ronnie Wooten

This month, we are spotlighting Ronnie Wooten, who has been with Suntell since 1998. She is an honest, dependable, and optimistic leader of our team. She has worn many hats in her 23 years and is currently our President, COO, and the acting Development Manager. 

Over the years, Ronnie has learned so many different things, the first being how to navigate a windows based computer over 20 years ago. Documentation Tracking has always been her favorite functional area of the Credit Suite along with many of our customers. If in a Bank or Credit Union, she also would utilize the Credit Analysis area to streamline the financial analysis process and our Suntell Doc Image for record retention.

Reading, gardening, spending time with her family, and tik-tok rabbit holes are some of Ronnie’s favorite activities. She loves that she can get anywhere in town within 20 min and would love to try Aerial Acrobatics some day!

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