Employee Spotlight: Ryan Lolley

For this edition of our Employee Spotlight we are featuring Ryan Lolley!  Ryan has been with Suntell since 2007 and works as an Implementation/Training Specialist.

Ryan grew up in Topeka, KS.  He earned an Associate’s Degree from Allen County Community College and then he went to University of Kansas and earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in History.  Immediately after college, he worked as a Teller/Assistant Branch Manager for about six months before moving to Phoenix, Arizona where he took an accounting position at the corporate headquarters for Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies.  He was promoted several times and won several different honors in the years he was there.  His last position there was the Accounts Receivable Supervisor.

After having two kids, he moved back to Topeka to be closer to family and friends.  When he got back to Topeka, he worked as an Access Database Administrator for a few months before he heard about an opening at Suntell.

What Ryan likes best about his job is the friendships he has been able to build with his colleagues and relationships with the customers.  He thinks that Suntell has a great group of people and he has also gotten to know some customers fairly well.  He has made some life-long friends while working at Suntell.  The other thing he really enjoys about his job is problem-solving.  Customers call in with emergencies that need to be resolved immediately, and he is able to assist usually within a matter of minutes.

Ryan plays a lot of sports with his kids and that takes up the majority of his free time.  He describes himself as a very competitive person and he likes challenging himself.  He plays golf, basketball, volleyball, and softball.  He also helps to coach some of his kids’ teams.  He likes passing down his knowledge of the games as well as teaching them hard work and sportsmanship with the players on the teams.

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