LMS Version Release

Just a reminder that our release is now available for distribution!  To receive this version, please contact Technical Support at 888-848-7349, Option 2 to schedule your update.  This release includes several new features:

  • Covenant Monitor violations can now trigger Documentation Tracking exceptions.
  • Monthly Cash Flow in Credit Analysis now allows for detailed itemization
  • New Spreads Subreports are available, allowing for more flexible placement of spread data within customized reports.
  • Single Sign-On functionality allows you to bypass the Suntell log-on screen by entering a Windows domain and username information into System Configuration.
  • A new SDI PDF Viewer is included with this release.
Please review our release documentation in the Document Library of our Customer Portal for full details regarding this release.

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How does a loan origination system work?

An LOS is defined as a system that automates and manages the end-to-end steps in the loan process – from the application, through underwriting, approval, documentation, pricing, funding, and administration.

What is the difference between loan origination and underwriting?

A loan officer is someone who works for a bank or credit union or other financial institution and offers loans to borrowers, while an underwriter is someone who analyzes documents from potential borrowers to determine if they are eligible for a loan.

What are the benefits of loan origination software?

By now, lenders are well versed in the benefits of a digital loan origination system, such as: Providing borrowers with easy, streamlined, and digital applications. Providing bankers with automating spreading and financial analysis tools.