Loans Not in Import

One of the crucial components of maintaining your Suntell database is performing maintenance on your Loans Not in Import.  Every night, the Suntell Loan Management System (LMS) receives a programmatic transfer of data from your core accounting system through the import.  Once a loan is paid off, it moves to the Maintenance area called Loans Not in Import.  Once you have completed any post-paid-off procedures (such as scanning the paid promissory note or preparing any releases), you should delete the loan from Loans Not in Import.  This removes all related information from the LMS, as well as from Suntell Document Imaging (SDI).  Within the LMS, the ticklers are removed for that loan, as well as the loan write-up.  In SDI, the scanned documents are removed from the customer’s active file and placed in the retention area.  The collateral information that is pledged for that loan is NOT removed when the loan is deleted, because it could be tied to other loans.  If the collateral is also being released as a result of the paid-off loan, the collateral record should also be deleted.

This step is important for maintaining a clean and accurate database.  While the loan would have a $0.00 balance as a result of being paid off, that loan could still appear on various reports depending on the information that was input.  We recommend deleting Loans Not in Import daily, but at a minimum weekly.  If you have any questions about managing paid loans, please contact Customer Support at 888-848-7349, Option 1 or

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How does a loan origination system work?

An LOS is defined as a system that automates and manages the end-to-end steps in the loan process – from the application, through underwriting, approval, documentation, pricing, funding, and administration.

What is the difference between loan origination and underwriting?

A loan officer is someone who works for a bank or credit union or other financial institution and offers loans to borrowers, while an underwriter is someone who analyzes documents from potential borrowers to determine if they are eligible for a loan.

What are the benefits of loan origination software?

By now, lenders are well versed in the benefits of a digital loan origination system, such as: Providing borrowers with easy, streamlined, and digital applications. Providing bankers with automating spreading and financial analysis tools.