Meeting the Tech: Expectations of a New Generation

The influx of younger professionals into the workforce introduces a pivotal shift in expectations, notably regarding technology. The days of relying on traditional spreadsheets are swiftly fading. Recognizing this disparity, Suntell is addressing the staffing deficit and serves as a comprehensive software solution aligned with the technological standards expected by the younger generation.

Suntell’s Innovative Solution

Suntell traces its origins back to 1996, founded by an individual who transitioned from farming to banking. The initial vision was crystal clear—centralize scattered data into one cohesive database integrated with the core. Nearly three decades later, Suntell has expanded its reach nationwide, serving hundreds of institutions, and has become instrumental in standardizing and streamlining daily commercial and agricultural loan operations for these entities.


Square 1 Credit Suite connects to the core system daily, consolidating crucial commercial and ag loan and deposit information into a central credit file. This central repository enables diverse functionalities such as:

  • Manage and analyze financial statements.
  • Simplify complex accrual adjustments.
  • Conduct comprehensive stress tests to assess risk exposure.

Efficiency Through Automation

Designed to automate and streamline processes, users can produce working documents, analyze earned net worth, calculate ratios, and perform custom analyses—all within a unified and digitized platform.

A standout feature is its ability to read entire tax returns from various sources in mere seconds, eliminating manual data entry and reducing processing time exponentially.

By embracing innovative technology like Suntell’s, community banks can meet the tech-expectations of a new generation, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

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