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CEO Corner

Happy new year! This time I sincerely mean it. I always say that year went really fast, however 2020 was the exception. We found ourselves, like many of you, adapting quickly to the rapid changes brought on by COVID-19. While we were fortunate to have adapted remote...

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Who Can Predict 2021?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that “we can’t predict the future.” Who would have thought that a year that started with wildfires in Australia would end with a global pandemic? Community banks and credit unions saw massive demand on their loan departments....

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Loan Approvals: Where Are Your Bottlenecks?

Many community financial institutions found themselves very busy in 2020. Between low mortgage rates and PPP loans, there was a surge in activity. Banks that had a streamlined underwriting and credit approval process found themselves able to manage the increase in...

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Employee Spotlight: Garet Phillips

Interface Specialist, Garet Phillips, has been an integral member or our Suntell team for 18 years! She is a creative, compassionate, inquisitive woman who enjoys working on new projects and learning new things. When asked what product she would use in a bank or...

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