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Employee Spotlight: Carrie Sixkiller

Carrie Sixkiller is our spotlighted employee this month! Carrie manages our office and has been with us for 11 years. She loves SDI and uses it to manage our documents. She loves a neat, tidy work area and loves being able to eliminate paper copies.

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Suntell in the Community: Opal Bullock

Opal, Suntell Quality Assurance Analyst, enjoys volunteering with Silverbackks; a community based organization focused on serving others. Opal enjoys interacting with her neighbors and treating everyone with dignity and respect! http://www.silverbackks.org/...

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CEO Corner

In an interview earlier this year with the ICBA, Joseph Otting of the OCC warned bankers of the need to remain vigilant regarding the risks accumulating within their loan portfolios. He went on to say that bankers should monitor the quality of new loans, the potential for lender complacency and risks from eased underwriting.

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