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Who is ready for 2020 to be over? I am quite certain that I am not alone when I say this year cannot end soon enough! Fatigue is sitting in on all things related to Covid 19. For our banker friends that fatigue is likely related to PPP loans and forgiveness and the volume of headaches that came with this hastily issued government funding.

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Employee Spotlight: Gail Loewen

Gail Loewen, a Sr. Quality Analyst, is this month’s employee spotlight. She is creative, thorough, and tenacious and we have been lucky enough to have her on our team for over 16 years! When asked what product she would use in a bank or credit union, Gail would use...

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Regulatory Exams and Covid-19: Are You Ready?

  On June 23, 2020 per FIL-64-2020, Interagency guidance for assessing safety and soundness was issued. This guidance outlines how examiners should respond to Covid-19 when evaluating financial institutions. Per this guidance, examiners will take into account the...

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We are celebrating 24 years!

As we approach our quarter century company formation milestone, I want to celebrate our 24th anniversary this month by acknowledging the two things that made this anniversary possible. First is the dedication and loyalty of each of our employees, some which have been...

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