Employee Spotlight: Garet Phillips

Interface Specialist, Garet Phillips, has been an integral member or our Suntell team for 18 years! She is a creative, compassionate, inquisitive woman who enjoys working on new projects and learning new things. When asked what product she would use in a bank or...

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Managing Your Loan Workflow Through Automation

Every day in the world of community banking is different.  Loans are in various stages of the process: application, underwriting, waiting on a third party, needing loan approval, preparing loan documents.  For staff that work on these loans, it is a daily question:...

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CEO Corner

Who is ready for 2020 to be over? I am quite certain that I am not alone when I say this year cannot end soon enough! Fatigue is sitting in on all things related to Covid 19. For our banker friends that fatigue is likely related to PPP loans and forgiveness and the volume of headaches that came with this hastily issued government funding.

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