Regional Training in St. Louis

Over the past several years, I have attended six Regional Training sessions (out of eight that we have hosted).  Each one is unique in terms of content and attendee participation.  Last week, I hosted our Regional Training event at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch.  I’m always excited to meet the attendees; some of whom I have met before, others that I have spoken with many times on the phone but never met in person, and others whom I have never had any interaction with prior to the event.  Upon meeting me in person, the attendees usually exclaim either “you are EXACTLY how I pictured you!” or “you are NOTHING like I pictured you!”

In this small group setting, I feel it is my job to make sure that everyone is engaged during the 2-day training.  Attendees can learn best from each other.  How are other organizations using this area?  What else could we be using within the Square 1 Credit Suite?  The content is similar each time, but I try to always incorporate something new for attendees that have been to multiple training sessions.  For this event, we covered the following:

  • Loan Presentation: A more streamlined approach to handling renewals with the 15.1 release
  • Customized Reports:  How to create and ideas for types of reports
  • Managing Credit Risk:  A discussion of how the Square 1 Credit Suite is used within the attending organizations, plus an overview of portfolio reports, including the new NAICS concentration report
  • Documentation Tracking:  How the balances associated with exceptions are calculated, advanced search criteria and saving search criteria to recall later
  • Credit Analysis:  CRE Stress Testing, debt service coverage stress testing, and agricultural income/expense stress testing; also an overview of the new dynamic Personal Financial Statement
  • Suntell Document Imaging:  A discussion of best practices for imaging, document retention, and internal procedures
  • Management and Maintenance:  Creating accurate collateral records, and handling paid loans
  • Collections & Work-Out:  Past Due loans and Watch List action plans
  • Open Q&A

Of course, this particular event was made infinitely more interesting by the fact that we were in St. Louis during the World Series.  Game 6 was set to take place the Wednesday after training, with the stadium just a few blocks from our hotel.  A few attendees were even planning to stay and try to get tickets.  However, Game 6 was rained out…

We plan to host 2 more Regional Training events in 2012 so look for information on locations and registration!

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