Release of SquareOne Credit Suite


Suite to Incorporate Company’s Core Risk Management Products.

Topeka, KS, February 10, 2009: Suntell, Inc. has unveiled a new name for its current suite of integrated loan portfolio management products: the SquareOne Credit Suite. The suite refers to the company’s core products: the Loan Management System, Suntell Document Imaging, AgExam, and Loan Queue, which provide financial institutions with solutions to streamline their loan underwriting and risk identification efforts.

This re-branding of the products under the SquareOne Credit Suite comes as a response to a need within the industry to communicate that these products work in concert with each other to provide Suntell’s customers with a complete package of software for all lending operations. “We had developed our core products with the vision to create better ways for banks to underwrite and manage their loan portfolios,” says company CEO Duane Lankard, “But needed a way to convey to prospects that our products are developed and intended to work together, and are not stand-alone modules.”

As for the name “SquareOne Credit Suite” Lankard commented, “We wanted a name that would convey returning to the and basics of fundamentals of bank lending. Given the current climate of the financial industry, we feel that banks will be moving back toward traditional sound lending and portfolio management and further from the risky practices of the last decade. Our software is an integral component to supporting a bank’s loan portfolio and management objectives.”

Suntell has launched a new marketing campaign to coincide with the release of the SquareOne Credit Suite, with hopes that this new brand will cause prospective banks and credit unions to take a closer look at the company and the SquareOne Credit Suite. The company has already received positive feedback at trade shows and from new business, and even some banks or credit unions who may have looked at the company in the past, and are now taking a second look in part due to the new image.

Founded by bankers, Suntell, Inc. currently services over 135 financial institutions, ranging from de novo to more than $2 billion in assets, in more than 22 states.


About Suntell
Suntell, Inc. ( is a leading provider of software for loan portfolio and risk management for banks and credit unions of all sizes in the United States. Suntell is the developer of the SquareOne Credit Suite, which includes products for loan approval and underwriting, risk identification and management, documentation and exception tracking, collections and problem loan workout planning, management information reporting, loan document imaging, agricultural underwriting and analysis, loan pipeline and workflow solutions, as well as interfaces to core accounting systems and loan origination systems. The company is owned by Financial Institution Technologies.

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Financial Institution Technologies
Suntell, Inc.

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