Separating Suntell and the Square 1 Credit Suite from the pack

Our goal is and has been to help community lending institutions of all sizes build a sound lending program through an integrated piece of software: a single solution for all lending functions. Along with providing an integrated software solution, we strive to provide excellent customer service by listening to our customers and responding to their requests and the changes of the market and lending environment.

As we close 2017 and look forward into 2018, we take time to reflect on our products and processes along with those of our competitors. The following are a few of the important areas that separate us from the pack.

Why is Suntell and the Square 1 Credit Suite the preferred choice of community banks and credit union MBL’s?

  • First to the market for an integrated loan management system in 1996 with founders having years of community bank commercial lending experience. Square 1 Credit Suite reflects over 30 years of banking and software experience combined.
  • Since our founding, 20 plus years continual and non-wavering focus on the community financial institution. All size institutions are considered equal and important. Big regional institutions do not get to dictate the solution set and standards to the rest of our community financial institution customers.
  • Last of the privately owned ‘independents’ in the market means we still listen to the customer regardless of size and we are more responsive than the rest.
  • Square 1 Credit Suite has developed a suite of software that has all of the tools required for effective integrated enterprise loan management while retaining ease of use and affordability for all community financial institutions.
  • Suntell receives strong customer marks for post-sale implementation, training and customer support in order for maximum ROI on your investment.
  • With an average employee tenure over 10 years, all Suntell employees and customers service staff are experienced to assist in making your implementation a success.
  • Suntell has the Industries most flexible and customizable licensing to suit any budget.
  • Suntell’s current Founder and CEO, Duane Lankard, was a commercial banker prior to Suntell and remains active in community banking as a banking consultant and bank director meaning Square 1 Credit Suite is always reflective of the current needs of the market and regulators.

I realize this is a bit of self-promotion, so please forgive me. We take pride in our company, our product, our employees, and most of all our loyal long-standing customers.

Thank you again for your continued business!

Duane Lankard
Suntell CEO

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