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New product to round out loan customer global relationship

Topeka, KS, September 29, 2009: Suntell announces the availability of their latest product in their SquareOne Credit Suite: Deposit Download Import. The Deposit Download Import product was developed and made available by Suntell to allow their client banks and credit unions to review the global customer relationship within their organization while assessing their lending needs through the Loan Management System (LMS). LMS is a commercial loan portfolio management system that includes financial spread analysis, summarized loan presentation packages, risk rating identification, document and exception policy management, watch list management and past due action plans, and portfolio reporting.

“Many lenders review the total customer picture, including deposit relationships, when underwriting or reviewing commercial and agricultural credits. By having the deposit platform information programmatically updated within the LMS on a nightly basis, our system is able to quickly and accurately provide that global snapshot without having to rekey critical data already stored on other platforms” says CEO Duane Lankard.

In addition to providing a global picture of the relationship within the bank or credit union, the deposit account download import will also automatically provide indexing within the Suntell Document Imaging (SDI) solution to allow staff on the front-line to quickly access signature cards and other critical identification documents. “Many of our clients already utilize the SDI across their entire organization, but by providing a programmatic creation and update of these accounts, our clients will now have freedom from redundant data entry while still reaping the benefits of having an affordable, enterprise-wide imaging solution” says Director of Product Development Mike Hatesohl.

Founded by bankers, Suntell currently services over 140 financial institutions, ranging from de novo to more than $3 billion in assets, in more than 22 states.


About Suntell

Suntell ( is a leading provider of software for loan portfolio and risk management for banks and credit unions of all sizes in the United States. Suntell is the developer of the SquareOne Credit Suite, which includes products for loan approval and underwriting, risk identification and management, documentation and exception tracking, collections and problem loan workout planning, management information reporting, loan document imaging, agricultural underwriting and analysis, loan pipeline and workflow solutions, as well as interfaces to core accounting systems and loan origination systems. The company is owned by Financial Institution Technologies, Inc.

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Suntell, Inc.

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How does a loan origination system work?

An LOS is defined as a system that automates and manages the end-to-end steps in the loan process – from the application, through underwriting, approval, documentation, pricing, funding, and administration.

What is the difference between loan origination and underwriting?

A loan officer is someone who works for a bank or credit union or other financial institution and offers loans to borrowers, while an underwriter is someone who analyzes documents from potential borrowers to determine if they are eligible for a loan.

What are the benefits of loan origination software?

By now, lenders are well versed in the benefits of a digital loan origination system, such as: Providing borrowers with easy, streamlined, and digital applications. Providing bankers with automating spreading and financial analysis tools.

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