It’s Time to Implement or Upgrade Your Commercial Lending Software When…

Implementing commercial lending software for the first time is one of the most important decisions you will make for your commercial lending department’s future efficiencies, costs and risk mitigation. Upgrading these tools for your financial institution is an important step toward enhancing or improving your loan processes. Either way and with so much at stake, you’ll be able to make the right decision when you know what you need and what to expect.

It’s time to start using or upgrade to commercial lending software if your commercial lending operation is experiencing any of the following:

You have proof or a feeling you’re losing business.

Every financial institution relies on tools (software or Word/Excel templates designed in-house) to provide structure for, guide, and streamline loan processes. Eventually, the need for a comprehensive, start-to-finish solution becomes necessary. If your commercial lending software is outdated in today’s lending world or your in-house tools are slowing down your staff’s workflow, then you’re not closing commercial and agriculture loans as quickly as you could, or worse, you are losing business.

With non-traditional lenders gaining traction in today’s marketplace, smaller traditional lenders must be better positioned to compete. Commercial lending software developed to bring efficiency to your loan processes helps ensure you don’t lose business and maximize profits.

Your commercial and ag loan customers’ experience isn’t as satisfying as it could and should be.

Your team’s ability to package information and make loan decisions quickly not only means a more satisfying customer experience, but also less risky loans. From the customer’s point of view, the loan process can be complicated and lengthy. From your financial institution’s view, mitigating credit risk, and thus loss, is imperative.

Implementing or upgrading your commercial loan software solution is how you can meet your loan customers’ need for simplicity and speed without risking hasty or bad decisions on your end. Plus, commercial lending software lightens your team’s workload, so they can redirect their time to customer service and profitable work.

The solution or system you’re using now results in too much or not enough flexibility.

Commercial lending software should be scalable to your financial institution’s number of loan applications and customizable to your decision makers’ processes. The right solution can keep

any number of commercial and ag loans moving through the process, and it can help your decision makers quickly find the data they need to make accurate decisions.

Do you hesitate to change your loan processes in fear it’ll cause confusion? Are your loan officers taking too many liberties with presenting data in credit approval forms? It’s time to implement or upgrade to a commercial loan software that offers just the right amount of flexibility to fit into or improve your processes.

You’re struggling to find commercial loan software that covers all the bases.

To invest the time, energy and money in implementing or upgrading commercial loan software, you want to be certain you choose a solution that covers all the bases. The Square 1 Credit Suite allows you to benefit from the accuracy and efficiency that is created by transitioning away from in-house created or several different systems.

Learn more about our commercial loan software, Square 1 Credit Suite. A demo can show you quickly how it could fit within your lending processes to save time, reduce risk and increase efficiency.

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