Ever wondered why you may have a customer called ABC Company, LLC but in Suntell it appears as Abc Company, LLC?  That is because a lot of the formatting of names is lost in the extract files from your core system that are then imported into Suntell.  However, you are able to control the way that business names appear in Suntell so that they appear correctly for letters or reports.

An import utility is available to correct name formatting issues through the import.  The default path for this utility is C:\Program Files\Suntell\Import, so you would need to have access to this directory to make changes.  There is an executable in this directory called ST.ImpCfg.  Double-click to open this utility.

You will want to select “Business Name Parts.”  Within the utility, enter the letters that you would like to format differently.  So for example, to format Abc Company, you would input ABC.  The utility then acts like a filter between the import and what appears in the LMS.  The entry needs only to be made one time and then it saves.

Suntell has already input certain common business words, so that (for example) LLC will not display as Llc.  If you have any questions on using the Business Words utility, please contact us at support@suntell.com.