Experience Counts More Than Ever

COVID-19’s current impact on your commercial loan portfolio is evident already. What’s coming down the line? No one knows exactly because a pandemic of this proportion has never happened before.

That’s why experience matters more than ever. Bankers founded Suntell. And Square 1 Credit Suite was developed by bankers for bankers. Having been through highs and lows many times in our 20+ years, we have the experience to help you prepare for current and post-COVID times.

Get a system up and running fast enough to be better positioned for COVID-19’s future impact on your commercial loan portfolio.

Better Preparation Today Makes for More Stable Future

Credit risk management systems is critical in mitigating the toll COVID-19 will likely take on your commercial loan portfolio. Examples include:

  • Higher loan originations increasing demand for emergency cash flow funding or refinancing terms.
  • Higher loan delinquencies requiring efficient past due management.
  • Higher credit defaults requiring efficient watch list and action plans.
  • Volatile credit risk requiring efficient credit risk rating and reporting.
  • Increased board communication requiring efficient generation of loan portfolio reports to the board.
  • Stress testing now to test your CRE loans or your entire portfolio to assess exposure and ALL funding.

Learn More about how Square 1 Credit Suite can help manage the risk in your portfolio.

Learn more about what makes Square 1 Credit Suite - one of the leading software solutions for credit risk management among credit unions and community banks nationwide.

Our Products
If you’re looking for a better way to manage credit risk in your institution, our single solution covers all the bases.  Whether you are using a home-grown legacy system, a different out-of-the-box system, or no loan management system at all, you’ll find the Square 1 Credit Suite is designed to fit your needs.
Our Implementation
As pioneers in the industry of single-point solutions, we are the implementation experts.  With over 20 years of experience under our belt, our seasoned team of professionals will guide you every step of the way to ensure the transition to greater efficiency and accuracy is seamless and smooth.
Our Success
Our customers are the heartbeat of our organization and are happy to provide testimonials and case studies about their improved consistency and efficiency.  We are proud of the feedback that we receive on our products and services.