First State Bank Nebraska Case Study

About First State Bank Nebraska

First State Bank Nebraska is a full-service community bank in southeast Nebraska established in 1912 as a state charter bank. The first branch opened in Hickman and later expanded to Lincoln. In 2004, First State Holding Co., the holding company owning Saline State Bank in Wilber, acquired First State Bank and the Bank of Yutan. In 2009, First State Holding Co. also acquired Filley Bank. All four charters were merged into one bank. In May 2010, First State Holding Co. went on to acquire two new banks, Farmers Bank of Lincoln and DeWitt State Bank. Today, First State Bank Nebraska currently has 17 locations.

First State Bank Nebraska strives to provide the latest banking technology products while delivering exceptional customer service. The bank is proud of the steady growth, increased services to customers and the involvement of employees, officers and directors in civic organizations and community functions.
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Bank realizes efficiency by utilizing entire suite of products

First State Bank Nebraska of Lincoln, NE set out originally looking for an imaging solution. The bank was imaging into their core vendor’s imaging product, but was looking for something with more flexibility. Initially, the bank liked the user-friendliness of the Suntell Document Imaging (SDI) folder structure, as well as many of the features for moving images around.

The more the bank explored, it was realized that there were more things that could be beneficial by using both the Loan Management System (LMS) along with SDI by licensing the entire Square 1 Credit Suite®. Keith Jantzen, Regional Vice President, said that he could tell that the software had been designed by bankers that had been in the field and worked in a banking environment. The decision was made to go with Suntell in June of 2013.

We have developed efficiency within the bank. Being able to go to a customer and see the exact collateral information is invaluable.

The Implementation Process

First State Bank Nebraska created two separate committees within the bank. The first committee had the task of establishing a folder structure within SDI, and the other was to establish procedures in both LMS and SDI. The committees included upper management, loan officers, and other staff that had knowledge of loan support. The reason for the committees was to get the staff involved and get “buy-in,” due to a major shift in philosophy from a paper file to a digital file. Jantzen says that their implementation was “absolutely successful.” Management and the implementation team had to be on the same page with what they were expecting, and the expectation was to be 100% scanned. The bank trained all branches as a group, with the Credit Review officer as the lead. A group of five people went to the 17 branches and scanned 5,000 loans in 12 months. The bank has now realized their goal of being 100% scanned.

The next project was to bring on ticklers and ongoing documentation tracking. One person within the bank is the “tickler guru.” The process is to scan a new loan within one week, and work on clearing the ticklers the following week. The bank also utilizes the Credit Analysis, AgExam, and Loan Presentation areas of the software. Jantzen has been involved as part of the Suntell User Group in providing feedback to Suntell on ongoing enhancements to the Credit Analysis and AgExam areas.

Jantzen also commented on the collateral management within the LMS: being able to go to a customer and see the exact collateral information is invaluable. The bank also utilizes the interface from Suntell to the D+H LaserPro product for preparing loan documents, which then results in accurate information with only keying in data one time. Jantzen noted the efficiencies of one product that can manage loans and collateral, complete credit analysis, prepare loans for loan committee approval, imaging, saying “We have developed efficiency within the bank.”

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Loan Portfolio Management

Jantzen reports that their workflow process has now been streamlined from start to finish. From a management perspective, it forced loan officers and loan support staff to be more accountable. That wasn’t something that they were necessarily seeking – but now management can look at any loan file and know what is going on. At a portfolio level, the bank relies on the concentration reports by NAICS code, documentation exception reports, coming due reports, and related interests reports. Jantzen really appreciates having past due loan information on his Dashboard, where it can be easily reviewed. Collections & Work-Out is used to manage problem loans, and information is presented to the board. Ongoing plans are managed for all past due loans over a certain threshold.

Ongoing Relationship with Suntell

Jantzen says that the bank’s experience with Suntell has been very positive. The support group is responsive and the staff is knowledgeable: if the support rep cannot answer the question, he or she will find someone who can. Jantzen has attended the Suntell Regional Training events for the past two years, which have also included gathering the Suntell User Group together, which has helped to develop the relationship with Suntell.

He believes that Suntell is a good company to work with that is growing, progressive, and willing to listen to customers.

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