Within our Collections & Work-Out area, you can create plans for your Watch List customers.  Using these plans, you can design a customized Work-Out Plan Report.

Within the Report Customization area of your System Configuration, you would create a new report and give that report a name.  Then you can select the Subreports that you would like to include.  For example, you may start with your Watch List Plan, but then add collateral information, loan information, total exposure of the borrower, documentation exceptions, exam classification information, and more.  You can choose the information that is important when reviewing a Watch List borrower.

For more information on the Watch List, you can watch the recording of our most recent Lunch & Learn on the same topic.  Visit our Lunch & Learn page (log-in required).  You can also contact our support line at 888.848.7349, Option 1 or support@suntell.com.