This employee spotlight is focused on Carrie Sixkiller!  Carrie works as our office manager and also as part of our support team.

Prior to working at Suntell, Carrie worked as a commercial loan processor, a home loan specialist, and a real estate appraiser.  She worked at Suntell for about five years as an implementation specialist and inside sales manager, then left and worked for almost seven years as a corporate service rep at an engineering firm.  Carrie returned to Suntell in 2011 – one of our many “boomerang” employees!

When asked what she likes best about Suntell’s products, Carrie says that she likes the flow – that a loan can be “taken from cradle to grave” within our system.  She wishes she had Suntell when she worked at a bank.  What she likes most about her job is the resources available within the company: “Our employees have such a wide range of knowledge, whether it be in banking/finance or in software/programming.”

Outside of work, Carrie rides motorcycles with her husband and races her powerboat in the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout once a year.  She has raced for five years and has won in her class three times.  She is one of only two women to participate in this race that operates the boat solely on her own.