Employee spotlight: Anna Yang

Our featured employee this quarter is Anna Yang, our Director of Services/Product Manager. Anna oversees the Customer Service department, and also works with the development group in interpreting customer needs and requests. She has been with Suntell for almost 13 years!

Anna would describe herself as conscientious, adaptable, and well-rounded all of which have helped her growth both at Suntell and personally. When asked what new skill she has learned during her time at Suntell, Anna answered “I had zero database knowledge or skills prior to working at Suntell. I am mostly self-taught through sheer determination and often necessity! Now it is something I use daily in working to understand the scope of complex data conversions as well as development projects.”

Anna lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband Ger – also a Suntell employee! – and they have three children at home (ages 9, 6, and 16 months). Chicagoland is a big area and can be overwhelming, but there is always something to do. They enjoy visiting museums, zoos, and parks as a family.

Even in such a large area, Anna has found community through involvement in a book club, family Meetup groups, and a local hospital support program for parents. These have given her the chance to form connections with many different people across the suburbs. When at home, she enjoys audiobooks, writing, hot yoga, and fierce MarioKart battles.