Carrie Sixkiller is our spotlighted employee this month! Carrie manages our office and has been with us for 11 years. She loves SDI and uses it to manage our documents. She loves a neat, tidy work area and loves being able to eliminate paper copies.

Carrie is outgoing, compassionate, fun-loving and enjoys boating with her husband, volunteering in her community, and raising Monarch butterflies in her back yard. The neighborhood community Carrie lives in is like a small town, which is similar to the small town she grew up in. “We have an amazing neighborhood 4th of July celebration and Halloween is a major holiday here. There is always someone to help you out if you need it.” Carrie described.

When asked if she could learn something new, she stated she would love to learn carpentry. “I always have these great ideas to build things out of wood until I remember I don’t know how to build things out of wood. I actually have thought about carpentry school, just thought about it though. I may watch too much HGTV and DIY channel.” Carrie laughed.