This month, we are featuring Gail Loewen. Gail has been with Suntell for 13 years, currently as a Quality Analyst. She enjoys working in a flexible environment and understanding how things work.

Gail has lived 40 years in Topeka, KS, but she moved frequently as a child. The frequent moving gave her the ability to embrace change and focus on the benefits.  She is a self-proclaimed analyst nerd. She loves to analyze situations and then move forward to organize or make them work better. Because of this, her husband routinely asks her for assistance organizing.

Gail’s favorite feature is Documentation Tracking. It allows lenders and their support staff to keep track of many details, ticklers, and comments on such items that would be nearly impossible to keep accurate otherwise.

Gail’s life revolves around her family. She loves spending time with her husband, kids, and grandkids. They work together and play together. She also enjoys spending time at the lake; boating, swimming, and grilling are some of their favorite activities.