Interface Specialist, Garet Phillips, has been an integral member or our Suntell team for 18 years! She is a creative, compassionate, inquisitive woman who enjoys working on new projects and learning new things.

When asked what product she would use in a bank or credit union, Garet would use the reporting and presentation areas of the software to ensure she had the tools to make a sound lending decision. Since joining Suntell, Garet has enjoyed learning how to create queries and convert data. She also appreciates the project and ticket management tools Suntell utilizes.

Garet lives in a beautiful, historic district in the center of a city. She is surrounded by amazing Victorian and Colonial homes. Her and her neighbors enjoy parades, games, potlucks, and decorating their homes to celebrate the holidays. In her free time, she enjoys camping with her dog, loom knitting, creating, reading, volunteering, and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.