Ger Yang is our featured employee this month. Ger has been with Suntell as a developer for 11 months, but has been a developer for 10 years.  He appreciates that the environment allows for a good work-life balance and professional career development.

Coming from a previous employer with tens of thousands of employees, he is adapting to a company where he is more than just a number and has more direct input in development results. He has learned a lot about banking software and the importance of loan portfolio management and appreciates that Suntell’s customer-centric approach provides financial intuitions an all-around view into portfolios.

Ger graduated from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with a degree in Information Systems. Prior to joining Suntell, he worked in technology consulting for multinational corporations in financial services, resources, and life sciences. He has worked with IBM technologies, worked for mergers and acquisitions, and developed application frameworks for the utilities industry.  Through various work-related opportunities, he has been to Disney World – while the park was closed to the general public and only open to conference attendees – Sea World, Universal Studios, and London.

Having grown up in Wisconsin, Ger enjoys following Wisconsin football and basketball. He currently lives in a suburb of Chicago with his wife, Anna, and two sons, Theo (7) and Quentin (5). They are a busy family and enjoy many activities with their boys, including play groups with other families, museums, and taekwondo.