Within the Square 1 Credit Suite, you will find a host of powerful tools you need to successfully manage a loan’s life cycle while ensuring you are managing risk at the highest level possible. Available in both traditional server installation or via our hosted delivery model, SquareHost.

Credit Analysis

Analyze financials quickly with industry standard formats, tax forms, and customizable spread templates.

Loan Approvals

Prepare a comprehensive package for your loan committee to make a decision using templates that you define.

Risk Rating

Use a combination of objective and subjective measures to standardize and justify your risk ratings.

Exception Tracking

Effectively manage your documentation and loan exceptions with configurable ticklers that are automatically created as loans move through the various stages of approval and servicing.

Document Imaging

Securely store documents across your organization.  From credit files to human resources, vendor management, and internal documents, digitized files are at your fingertips.

Stress Testing

As external factors change, evaluate your borrower’s ability to repay their obligations by stressing cash flow, interest rates, and more at any point.

Collections & Work-Out

If your borrower’s situation deteriorates, effectively manage your efforts to collect on any delinquent loans.

Pipeline and Workflow

Your loan staff are juggling many responsibilities every day.  Help them answer: “What do I need to work on?”

Electronic Tax Return Reader

Save valuable time in reducing the need for manual data entry by importing a PDF tax return for automated spreading.


Whether you use an internal tool or another provider, the CECL Extract can be the data source you need.

Portfolio Reporting

Harness your data in powerful reports that segment your loan portfolio. Focus on the parts of your portfolio that need the most attention.


A single loan management system is key to efficiency, and seamless integrations reduce data entry further.

Square 1 Portal

Safely and securely upload and share documents, images and files with your customers throughout the life of their loan – from application through servicing.

The Square 1 Credit Suite is delivered with many pre-set templates and values to jump-start the transition phase, but with our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use administrative configuration feature, you will also be able to define your institution’s loan policy and operational framework making the conversion comfortable for even the most reluctant of employees! Read more about our Implementation or download the Suntell Brochure.