Agricultural Analysis

The Square 1 Credit Suite agricultural analysis will simplify your ag underwriting. Prudent lenders understand the cyclical nature of agricultural lending, and they know examiners depend highly on management’s understanding of each farmer’s
operation. The Agricultural Analysis will give you a sophisticated and detailed array of tools for analyzing agricultural borrowers’ financial positions.


A comprehensive credit risk management program will have a sound credit analysis process, including consistent ways to measure, qualify and monitor risk of your borrowers and your overall portfolio. Analyze financials quickly with industry standard formats, tax forms, and customizable spread templates.

  • Import data with the Smart Electronic Tax Return Reader
  • Industry standard Agricultural Spread Formats
    • Ag Financial Statement with Detailed Schedules
    • Form 1040, Form 1120, Form 1120 S, and 1065, along with supporting schedules
  • Integration with a customer-centric Debt Schedule and Loan Committed packages Ratio Customization allow creation of ratios specific to your organization
  • Consolidate the spreads of multiple borrowers for a global cash-flow picture
  • Configurable Agricultural Scoring to determine the risk rating for a borrower
  • Transactional Stress Testing for changes in income or expenses
  • Detailed Collateral Valuation, inspection, and field reports
  • Inclusion of an accrual-adjusted agricultural cash flow
  • Detailed Monthly Cash Flow will have a simplified Annual Cash Flow option

Suntell surpassed our expectations. Not only with their software, but with their customer service as well. The rule of thumb I always ask myself after a software installation is, ‘would I make the same decision again,’ and in this case there is no doubt whatsoever, we definitely made the right decision.

Trisha L Vice President Agriculture and Commercial Lending


Ensure credit-granting is in line with your institution’s credit risk strategy with an in-depth credit analysis of your borrowers.


Quantify the credit risk on and off the balance sheet with ratios, custom measures and scoring.


Keep a pulse on credit risk over time by viewing changes in risk ratings.


Integrate your analyses seamlessly with loan committee presentations and the approval process.

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