Commercial Loan Credit Analysis

Our software includes a comprehensive credit analysis feature that allows you to analyze the creditworthiness of potential business and agricultural loan borrowers in order to make informed lending decisions.

You can use industry standard formats and customizable spread templates to analyze financial statements and tax returns, assessing a borrower’s ability to repay their obligations and evaluating the risk of lending to them.

In addition to individual loan analysis, our software includes portfolio reporting capabilities that allow you to segment and analyze your entire loan portfolio, helping you to identify trends and patterns and focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Commercial Loan Credit Analysis Made Easy

A comprehensive credit risk management program will have a sound credit analysis process, including consistent ways to measure, qualify and monitor risk of your borrowers and your overall portfolio. Analyze financials quickly with industry standard formats, tax forms, and customizable spread templates.

  • Import data with the Smart Electronic Tax Return Reader
  • Conduct a detailed spread analysis with RMA comparisons
  • Conduct a global cash flow analysis for complex entities
  • Complete commercial and agricultural projections
  • Implement covenant monitoring for loan agreement compliance
  • Integrate with loan committee presentations and approvals

Additional features

  • Automated data entry using an electronic tax return reader
  • Seamless integrations with other systems to improve efficiency and reduce data entry
  • Square 1 portal for secure document sharing with customers throughout the loan process
  • Document imaging to securely store and retrieve documents digitally
  • Loan approval feature to prepare a comprehensive package for loan committees
  • Stress testing to assess a borrower’s ability to handle changes in cash flow and interest rates
  • Risk management using a risk rating feature

Suntell’s onboarding, integration, implementation, training team was phenomenal. The conversion was so smooth. They were available to help with any questions and walked us through step by step on any issues we were having.

Pat Carey Vice President / Senior Lender


Ensure credit-granting is in line with your institution’s credit risk strategy with an in-depth credit analysis of your borrowers.


Quantify the credit risk on and off the balance sheet with ratios, custom measures and scoring.


Keep a pulse on credit risk over time by viewing changes in risk ratings.


Integrate your analyses seamlessly with loan committee presentations and the approval process.

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