Commercial Loan Approval Management

Our software includes a comprehensive commercial loan approval feature that allows you to efficiently manage the process of approving commercial loans. You can use customizable templates to create comprehensive packages for your loan committee to review, and track exceptions and ticklers to ensure that all necessary documentation is in place and all issues are addressed.

Streamlining the approval process and making informed lending decisions with confidence is easy with the Square 1 Credit Suite.

Approve commercial loans with confidence

Quality, detail and timelines are important to ensuring loan approval committees, leadership, and the board have what they need to fulfill their oversight responsibility. Prepare a comprehensive package for your loan committee to make a decision using templates that you define. Square 1 Credit Suite has the tools your team needs to:

  • Create an unlimited number of report formats for any size or type of credit
  • Standardize your presentations by using the templates built within your configuration
  • Include spread data, exception information, loan and deposit balances for a complete picture of your borrower’s relationship with your organization
  • Identify stages in the approval process with a queue system and pipeline reporting
  • Interface your proposed loan with loan document platforms, such as ComplianceOne and

Additional features

  • Customizable templates to create comprehensive loan packages
  • Exception tracking to ensure that all necessary documentation is in place
  • Configurable ticklers to manage and follow up on issues
  • Integration with other systems to improve efficiency and reduce data entry
  • Document imaging to securely store and retrieve documents digitally

Suntell surpassed our expectations. Not only with their software, but with their customer service as well. The rule of thumb I always ask myself after a software installation is, ‘would I make the same decision again,’ and in this case there is no doubt whatsoever, we definitely made the right decision.

Trisha L Vice President Agriculture and Commercial Lending


Ensure credit-granting is in line with your institution’s credit risk strategy with an in-depth credit analysis of your borrowers.


Quantify the credit risk on and off the balance sheet with ratios, custom measures and scoring.


Keep a pulse on credit risk over time by viewing changes in risk ratings.


Integrate your analyses seamlessly with loan committee presentations and the approval process.

Customer-Reported Results

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