Within the Square 1 Credit Suite, you will find a host of powerful tools you need to successfully manage a loan’s life cycle while ensuring you are managing risk at the highest level possible. Available in both traditional server installation or via our hosted delivery model, SquareHost.

Analysis & Underwriting

  • Detailed financial spread analysis with RMA Comparisons
  • Global cash flow analysis for complex entities
  • Integration with loan committee presentation packages
  • Commercial and Agricultural projections
  • Transactional Stress Testing to identify changing economic variables
  • Configurable scoring based on industry
  • Covenant monitoring

Loan Portfolio Management

  • Tickler creation and exception management
  • Workflow and loan monitoring
  • Dashboard overview of user-specific loan portfolio in key areas
  • Risk rating identification and management
  • Past due action plans
  • Watch list reporting of criticized and classified loans

Download the[download id=”1743″].

Data Interfaces

We pioneered the single-point solution for credit risk management to reduce the frustration that accompanies redundant data entry. For that reason, we are firm advocates for moving common data between critical software systems. Your customers, loans, and deposits will be loaded into the system and updated on a nightly basis with our powerful Host Core Download. Take the data-entry reduction one step further through one of our loan document platform interfaces.

Suntell Document Imaging (SDI)

Automate the process of building customers and folder structures via our companion product, Suntell Document Imaging (SDI).

  • Store loan documents, employee data, vendor information, and more
  • Organization-defined global indexing structure
  • Images and security meet or exceed FDIC regulation requirements
  • Complete audit-trail capabilities
  • Documents are available at all branches as soon as they are scanned into the system
  • Export files for examiners or other third-party review

The Square 1 Credit Suite is delivered with many pre-set templates and values to jump-start the transition phase, but with our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use administrative configuration feature, you will also be able to define your institution’s loan policy and operational framework making the conversion comfortable for even the most reluctant of employees! Read more about our Implementation or download the[download id=”1743″].