The topic of our Lunch & Learn training session yesterday was Related Interest.  Related Interests are relationships that are created between borrowers, co-borrowers, co-signers, and guarantors, giving you a global picture of the relationship with your organization.  We talked about how these relationships are established and how to edit them.  Once created, Related Interests widely impact the Loan Management System.

  • Annual reviews or reports presented to your loan committee can include the spreads of Related Interests in addition to your borrower.
  • Your total loans summary will include the balances and unfunded commitments of any loans to Related Interests.
  • Within Documentation Tracking, you can load the ticklers of your Related Interests to have an overall view of outstanding exceptions for the entire relationship and look at a report of this information.
  • You can view portfolio-wide reports of the total loans outstanding to your borrower plus any related interests over a certain dollar threshold, giving you a list of your large relationships.

It is important to establish and maintain this information accurately within the LMS so that the above features can be fully utilized.  If you have any questions about Related Interests, please contact Customer Support at 888.848.7349, Option 1 or

Lunch & Learn training sessions are free to Suntell customers and occur on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Visit our Lunch & Learn page to watch recordings from previous sessions, or sign up for upcoming sessions.